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Backup & Fills for Dobro

Backup & Fills for Dobro

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Backup & Fills

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Songs Include:

CD #1
Discussion of approaches to backup
Music theory related to Dobro backup
Fill licks
(Many, many)
CD #2
Fill licks continued: chops, chimes, bending strings
Song: Bluebird Singing for Me
CD #3
Example tunes: On my Mind, I Wonder
Where You Are Tonight, Crying My Heart out over You, Wabash Cannonball
CD #4
Wabash Cannonball, Continued
Mamma's & Daddy's Little Girl
Recorded examples of chops and backup
Discussion of how to apply what you have learned
This is the most important & valuable information a dobro player could own



This 4-hour course will give you the ability to play backup in any situation you encounter. You will gain a large vocabulary of backup material & an understanding of how to apply the licks from both theory discussion & example tunes. Presented like private lessons. No written music is necessary because Dan explains & plays everything thoroughly on the CD's.

Customer Compliments

"I really think your Dobro courses are the best. I've been a professional steel guitarist in Nashville the past 20 years & apreciate your Dobro Courses."--Ron Hogan, Nashville TN

Just a couple of lines to tell you why your dobro instruction works so well. I have tried the various dobro instruction methods and i have found that they are done by prominent musicians who unfortunately are not very good teachers and the material is more like a demo than a teaching course. Too many built in assumptions of skill levels, leaving voids in the teaching. Yours, on the other hand are perfect. You are a very good instructor because you realize that a lesson requires a great degree of detail and specifics. I have made you "Backup & Fills" the center focus of my learning. if you ever make more tunes, I'll buy them. Sincerely Joel Woolums, Carlisle PA

"I had to write to thank you for putting together that absolute gem Backup & Fills For Dobro. I travel with my job quite a lot and I listen to the course as I drive, & practice when I can in my motel. I was invited to sit in with a band in Ft Smith, Ark. We did a two hour show & like magic, everything you had discussed came to me. I was not nervous because I had confidence in my ability to fit in—confidence inspired by what I had learned from your course. The show was a success and the people could not believe I had never played with a band before. I hadn't played with a band, but I did have a private lesson from a master. Thanks!" G. Chansler, Mt. Juliet, TN

"I'm writing to express my appreciation for the Backup & Fills for Dobro tape series. I was impressed by your emphasis on keeping things simple & clean. I am far from being a fast or flashy player, so I try to get the most out of the fewest notes possible. Also, your sound is so pleasant, I enjoy listening to the tapes just while driving, even with my Dobro back home. Again, thank you for an informative & inspiring series." M. Nozzolio, Meriden, CT

"I want to tell you how much I have been enjoying your Backup & Fills for Dobro series. The Dobro is an instrument that I have been wanting to play all my life & your instructions are great. Since I have recently retired, I decided to buy a Dobro. I saw your ad in Bluegrass Unlimited & ordered your tapes. I'm taking it slowly & applying what I have learned to our weekly picking around the kitchen table. Later on I hope to play it in our Blue Country Band. We play at a local place called The Music Barn. Dan, I cannot thank you enough for the tapes." J. Smenner, Manchester, GA

"I recently purchased Backup & Fills for Dobro. I am extremely pleased with it & am making more progress than I have ever been able to make before. Another order is enclosed. Thanks again for the fast service. Sincerely," A. Robbins, Winnipeg, Manitoba

In 1970 I was living in Houston. I took a trip to Hugo Oklahoma to the big (really big) bluegrass festival. I had bought an old Dobro in 1965 and wanted to see how others were playing it. There I met a young fellow by the name of Dan Huckabee! I was very impressed with his eagerness and love of the Dobro. In fact it was the biggest incentive that I had to that date. Later, in 1978 I went overseas (I worked in the oil Industry) to Libya and Saudi Arabia. I took my Dobro with me, but found there were no players around and no opportunities to learn. Well, then I found out about your teaching tapes. With your help I learned to play reasonably well. Well enough to play with friends and some groups. For this I am grateful to you. I have many of your tapes and books and am well pleased with them all. Recently I bought the special six tapes and a plastic holder. The quality of these is just as good as the rest of your material and I am enjoying learning some new songs. So, Dan, this Christmas I just wanted to write and express my appreciation for the high standards of your teaching material. Thanks a lot! May the New year and New Millenium bring you much happiness and prosperity. Best Regards, Jim McCoy, Quitman TX

Hi Dan. It's 1996 and I still play your "licks and Fills" audio, purchased 6 years ago, on the way to festivals, to sharpen up what I've forgotten and get out of habit roll patterns, If you ever get a lifetime achievement award, surely your 4 (audio) tape "Licks and Fills" was the finest of all your good stuff that you have done for the growing dobro community. Licks and Fills is an intermediate product that sticks with you forever!! Thomas M Flynn, West Chester, PA

Dear Dan Huckabee For the last two years, I have been listening to and practicing with your tapes. BACKUP AND FILLS FOR DOBRO. I wanted to let you know how helpful these tapes have been and how much I appreciate the time and effort you took to make them. It must have been quite a tedious job. I love the droan and groan style of dobro such as Oswald and Graves. With the help of your tapes I can figure out quite a bit on my own. I hope this letter finds youeven just to tell you, without them, I wouldn't be playing anything. I'm a 49 year old mother/grandmother and work part time. I guess its never too late to learn, just takes a little longer. Thanks for your time, Susan Fredette, Calgary, ALB Canada Review Hunting for Nuggets. Oct 11, 2002 Reviewer: M. Lynch FROM Dublin, Ireland I found this 4 CD set to be clear and concise. The instruction set is a valuabel reference as every aspect is well explained and demonstrated. There are several nuggets of dobro fills that I found excellent!

Dear Dan, I really love all my new lessons. I've learned "A Hundred Yrs. From Now". You are right, it IS easy to transpose to other keys. I am writing to thank you for including all the beautiful backup in your instruction. You always go the extra mile ! Learning the backup will be fun and will make me a more complete dobro player. Without you, I never could've learned the dobro, and playing my dobro makes me really, really happy !! Your lessons have been a total life-saver for me. Thank you so much, Dan. You are a blessing ! Thanks again Dan, & have a great 4th of July. Sincerely, DIANE and Bob Adams--Bloomfield NM June 12-2009

i have learned a ton of music from you. you are the best teacher out there. with everything i've seen today. i do troy's site as well as buckeys. BUT you are the MAN. you need to get in on web downloads , online courses, etc. your time has come. aaron irwin west union oh 45693

Pablo ConradFebruary 6, 2011 at 7:22pm from facebook Subject: this is THE Dan Huckabee? who made the Backup and Fills for Dobro recordings? I'm having a great old time with your careful explanation of Josh Graves' playing on "Crying My Heart Out Over You." Hope you're doing well. Thanks for all your hard work for us students!

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