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Advanced Country Guitar

Advanced Country Guitar

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Advanced Country Guitar

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Lessons Include:

Rhythm guitar (several styles and grooves to fit all the current techniques & where to use them)
Super hot riffs (20 in all)
Several cool harmonic licks & how to use them
A cool behind the nut harmonic lick
Chicken pickin riffs
Plus a special song (Cannonball Rag) as a place to use the riffs.



Mike McAdoo is a very smooth player who specializes in well connected runs. --Guitar Player Magazine August 1988

Peavey Monitor Magazine Review MIke McAdoo is far from a novice when it comes to playing guitar. He has been playing professionally for 22years, and for six of those years, McAdoo recorded and toured with the Osmonds. He has recorded over 80 albums during his career for artists such as Boxcar Willie and Mel Tillis, and in 1995, he recorded a major label album with the Moffats on Polydor Records out of Nashville. Besides performing and recording, McAdoo has recently connected with Musician's Workshop out of Austin, TX, to record two instructional guitar videos. McAdoo's choice of amplifiers, whether recording an album or a video, performing live or teaching guitar lessons, is the Peavey TransTube Spceial 212. "I've been using Peavey amps sicne the mid 70s," says McAdoo. "I had an old Peavey Deuce that I put Black Widow speakers in. It was a great road amp. And now with the Transtube Peavey technology, they're better than ever."

Review: From Wichita Falls Daily, written by Don Chance "country music writer". Back when i was learning to play the guitar, more years ago than iI care to remember, hopeful beginners were limited to 3 instructional choices: 1. Private lessons. 2. Checking out a book from the library. 3. Playing alongside an experienced guitarist in a journeyman apprentice arrangement. (Personally, I went with 2 and 3, as private lessons were expensive back then, too). Nowadays, there are many more instruction options for the beginner, including lessons on audio cassette, specialized computer software & lessons on video cassette. Of these, the video lessons have become perhaps the most popular & effective. With this concept in mind, guitar whiz Mike McAdoo has produced an instruction video entitled "A Guitar Lesson with Mike McAdoo". A veteran musician with more than 80 album credits & profile features in "Guitar Player Magazine and Peavey Monitor Magazine, McAdoo is also known nationally for his years of holding down the lead guitar spot with the Osmons and other major recording acts. McAdoo has compiled an hour of the favorite tricks & techniques most professional guitarists depend on in his new video lesson. From basic single-note riffs, to interesting alternative chord phrasings, to country-based string bends & harmonic chiming, McAdoo gives a staggering amount of knowledge & tips in a relatively short time. A master of all musical styles, he also offers plenty of advice on basic fingerstyle picking, improvisational soloing & those time-honored blues scales all budding guitarists can’t resist dabbling with. McAdoo also demonstrates the various approaches on both acoustic & electric guitars, & shows clearly why some playing methods on one type of instrument just won’t work on the other. An accompanying instruction booklet with plenty of tablature & insider hints also helps it all make sense. "A Guitar Lesson with Mike McAdoo" is not for the beginner, McAdoo moves fairly quickly from topic to topic, & those players without some previous level of comfort will be left behind. McAdoo’s common-sense instruction clears up much of the mystery of just what it is the pros are doing when they pull off those awesome licks. Even someone like me, who’s played so long they feel like the guitar is growing to their hands, will learn something from "A Guitar Lesson with Mike McAdoo.

Peavey Monitor Magazine Vomume 16 Issue 2 Review: Branson, Missouri based guitarist Mike McAdoo has logged in over 2,000 performances with the Osmond Family. In 1995 and 96, the Branson Entertainment Awards recognized him as Guitarist of the Year. Guitar Player describes him as "a very smooth player," specializing in "flowing, well-connected runs." Bessides the Osmonds, McAdoo has recorded with Mel Tillis, Boxcar Willie, David Bradley (Sons of the Pioneers), Tommy Overstreet, and Rex Allen Jr. His original instrumental recordings have received local and regional airplay.

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Michael McAdoo is without question the best guitar player that I have had the pleasure of working with. --Wayne Osmond (Osmond Family Band



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