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Dobro Individual Songs

Individual Songs From Our Special Request List: (Audio Only, No Tab)


With National Dobro Champion Dan Huckabee
Each CD (or download) contains a private lesson with Dan. If you have trouble reading tab, you’re not alone! Dan explains everything thoroughly on CD. These lessons are note-for-note from the original recordings of the artists listed below. The level of difficulty varies from song to song.  *Minimum order 2 titles for CDs. No minimum for Downloads.

Individual Songs From Our Special Request List: (Audio Only, No Tab)

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500 Miles (Mike Auldridge)
A Closer Walk With Thee (Jerry Douglas)
A Hundred Years from Now (Josh Graves)
Alabam’ (Jerry Douglas)
Bad Blake Blues (Tut Taylor)
Ballad of Jed Clampet (Dan Huckabee)
Banks of the Ohio (Jerry Douglas)
Big Country (Dan Huckabee)
Birmingham Jail (Josh Graves)
Birth of the Blues (Jerry Douglas)
Black Mountain Blues (Josh Graves)
Black Mountain Rag (Dan Huckabee)
Black Mountain Rag (Bobby Gardner)
Blue Eyes Cryin’ in the Rain (Dan Huckabee)
Blue Ridge Cabin Home (Josh Graves)
Blueridge (Mike Auldridge)
Boil Them Cabbage Down (Dan Huckabee)
Border Ride (Dan Huckabee)
Born to Lose (Dan Huckabee)
Bugle Call Rag (Josh Graves)
Candy Kisses (Bobby Gardner)
Cannonball (Mike Auldridge)
Cannonball Blues (Josh Graves)
Carry Me Back to the Mountains (Brother Oswald)
Carter’s Blues (Josh Graves)
Cora is Gone (Josh Graves)
Cottontown Jubilee (Josh Graves)
Crying My Heart Out Over You (Josh Graves)
Cuttin’ the Grass (“Flying South”) (Josh Graves)
Cuttin’ the Grass (original version) (Josh Graves)
Daybreak in Dixie  (Dan Huckabee’s Acoustic Steel LP)
Dobro Blues (Lee Moore)
Dobro Boogie (Dan Huckabee)
Dobro Chimes (Brother Oswald)
Dobro Polka (Dan Huckabee)
Dobro Rumba (Josh Graves)
Dobro Wipeout (Bobby Gardner)
Dobros In the Moonlight (Bobby Gardner)
Don’t Bother With White Satin (Mike Auldridge)
Down Yonder (Dan Huckabee)
Earl’s Breakdown (Josh Graves)
Eight More Miles to Louisville  (Mike Auldridge)
End of the World (Brother Oswald)
F-5 Waltz (Tut Taylor)
Faded Love (Mike Auldridge)
Fireball Mail (Dan Huckabee)
Foggy Mountain Breakdown (Dan Huckabee’s Just For Fun LP)
Foggy Mountain Breakdown (Live at Kansas State) (Josh Graves)
Freight Train Blues (Dan Huckabee)
From Now On I Won’t Be Hanging Around (Josh Graves)
Ghost Riders in the Sky (Dan Huckabee)
Golden Slippers (Dan Huckabee)
Goldrush (Josh Graves)
Goldrush (Dan Huckabee)
Goodnight Irene (Dan Huckabee)
Grandfather’s Clock (Dan Huckabee)
Great Speckled Bird (Dan Huckabee’s Just For Fun LP)
Green Leaves of Summer (Dan Huckabee’s Acoustic Steel LP)
Grey Eagle (Dan Huckabee’s Acoustic Steel LP)
Heartaches (Jerry Douglas)
Hello Mary Lou (Mike Auldridge)
Hey It’s Good to be Back Home Again (Bobby Gardner)
Hillbilly Hula (Mike Auldridge)
Hilo March (Brother Oswald)
Homestead on the Farm (Josh Graves)
Hot Stuff (Mike Auldridge)
Houndog Ramble (Rudy Jones)
House of the Rising Sun (Mike Auldridge)
How Great Thou Art (Dan Huckabee)
How Long Have I Been Waiting for You (Jerry Douglas)
I Just Think I’ll Stay Around (Dan Huckabee)
I Walk the Line (Dan Huckabee)
I Wonder Who’s Holding My Baby Tonight (Jerry Douglas)
I’ll Be All Smiles Tonight (Josh Graves)
I’ll Be All Smiles Tonight (Brother Oswald)
I’ll Be All Smiles Tonight (Deacon Brumfield)
I’ll Fly Away (Dan Huckabee)
I’m Moving On (Dan Huckabee)
I’m Using My Bible for a Roadmap (Dan Huckabee)
I’ve Lost You (Mike Auldridge)
If I Should Wander Back Tonight (Josh Graves)
If It Ain’t Love (Jerry Douglas)
If You Only Knew (Jerry Douglas)
In My Younger Days  (Mike Auldridge)
Island March (Brother Oswald)
Jamboree (Mike Auldridge)
Jennifer’s Waltz (Josh Graves)
Jimmy Brown the Newsboy (Dan Huckabee)
John Hardy (Josh Graves)
John Henry (Josh Graves)
Joshua (Mike Auldridge)
Jump (Deacon Brumfield)
Just Joshin’ (Josh Graves)
K. D. Blues (Deacon Brumfield)
Kahola March (Brother Oswald)
Kansas City Kitty (Brother Oswald)
Kentucky (Josh Graves)
Kentucky (Deacon Brumfield)
Kentucky Waltz (Jerry Douglas)
Last Train From Poor Valley  (Mike Auldridge)
Lilly Dale (Josh Graves)
Linda (Tut Taylor)
Little Home in West Virginia (Josh Graves)
Little Rosewood Casket (Josh Graves)
Long Road to Aspen (Josh Graves)
Lord I Hope This Day is Good (Dan Huckabee)
Lost in the Ozone (Dan Huckabee’s Acoustic Steel LP)
Maggie Blues (Josh Graves)
Maggie Blues (Dan Huckabee’s Just For Fun LP)
Maiden’s Prayer (Mike Auldridge)
Me and My Dobro (Tut Taylor)
Mexicano (Deacon Brumfield)
Mississippi Country (Josh Graves)
Mountain Dew (Dan Huckabee)
Muddy Waters (Mike Auldridge)
My Tears Don’t Show (Bobby Gardner)
Nashville Blues (Jerry Douglas)
Never Grow Old (Brother Oswald)
New Camptown Races (Mike Auldridge)
Nine Pound Hammer (Dan Huckabee)
No One Knows (Deacon Brumfield)
Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out (Dan Huckabee’s Acoustic Steel LP)
Nobody’s Darling (Bobby Gardner)
Old Rugged Cross (Brother Oswald)
Old Rugged Cross (Dan Huckabee)
Old Train (Mike Auldridge)
Opus 57 (Dan Huckabee’s Acoustic Steel LP)
Orange Blossom Special (Dan Huckabee’s Just For Fun LP)
Oswald’s Chimes (Josh Graves)
Pan American  (Mike Auldridge)
Panhandle Country (Mike Auldridge)
Panhandle Rag (Alison Brown)
Pick Away  (Mike Auldridge)
Pigtown Fling (Dan Huckabee’s Acoustic Steel LP)
Pike County Breakdown (Dan Huckabee’s Acoustic Steel LP)
Prairie Queen (Brother Oswald)
Randy Lynn Rag (Deacon Brumfield)
Rawhide (Live at the Cellar Door) (Mike Auldridge)
Red River Valley Tex Carman (Deacon Brumfield)
Rock Bottom (Mike Auldridge)
Rock Me in the Cradle of Kalua (Brother Oswald)
Rocky Top (Dan Huckabee)
Rollerskating (Dan Huckabee’s Acoustic Steel LP)
Rubber Dolly (Dan Huckabee)
Salty Dog (Josh Graves)
Shilo March (Josh Graves)
Shucking the Corn (Josh Graves)
Silver Haired Daddy (Shot Jackson)
Silver Threads Among the Gold (Mike Auldridge)
Sing Me Back Home (Mike Auldridge)
Six White Horses (Josh Graves)
Some Old Day (Josh Graves)
Someone is Looking for Someone Like You (Josh Graves)
Song of the Islands (Brother Oswald)
Starlight Waltz (Josh Graves)
Steel Guitar Blues (Brother Oswald)
Steel Guitar Rag (Dan Huckabee’s Just For Fun LP)
Sweet Georgia Brown (Mike Auldridge)
Sweet Pickin’ Time in Toomsboro Georgia (Tut Taylor)
T for Texas (Dan Huckabee)
Take That Ring from Your Finger (Deacon Brumfield)
Tennessee Stud (Mike Auldridge)
Tennessee Waltz (Brother Oswald)
Tennessee Waltz  (Dan Huckabee’s Acoustic Steel LP)
The Fields Have Turned Brown (Mike Auldridge)
The Intoxicated Rat (Dan Huckabee)
The Lone Pilgrim (Dan Huckabee)
The Sweetest Gift (Mike Auldridge)
Themetime (Dan Huckabee)
There’s a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere (Deacon Brumfield)
This Weary Heart You Stole Away (Mike Auldridge)
Three (Josh Graves)
Train 45 1/2 (Mike Auldridge)
Travelin’ (Deacon Brumfield)
Two Different Worlds (Brother Oswald)
Uncle Pen (Dan Huckabee)
Uncloudy Day (Dan Huckabee)
Under the Double Eagle (Dan Huckabee’s Just For Fun LP)
Wabash Cannonball (Brother Oswald)
Wabash Cannonball (Dan Huckabee’s Acoustic Steel LP)
Wait a Minute (Mike Auldridge)
Walk Through This World With Me (Mike Auldridge)
What a Friend We Have in Jesus (Deacon Brumfield)
When You’re Smiling (Dan Huckabee)
Willie Boy (Mike Auldridge)
You Are My Flower (Dan Huckabee)
You Don’t Know My Mind (Dan Huckabee)
Your Cheatin’ Heart (Dan Huckabee)

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