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Mandolin Fiddle Tunes Individual Songs

Individual Songs From Our Courses: (Each Song Includes Audio & PDF Tab Booklet)

Angeline the Baker  (Audio)
Big Sandy  (Audio)
Big Scotia  (Audio)
Billy in the Lowground  (Audio)
Black Mountain Rag  (Audio)
Blackberry Blossom  (Audio)
Chicken Reel  (Audio)
Coldy Frosty Morn  (Audio)
Colored Aristocracy  (Audio)
Cricket on the Hearth  (Audio)
Dance Around Molly  (Audio)
Fisher's Hornpipe  (Audio)
Flop Eared Mule  (Audio)
Flowers of Edinburgh  (Audio)
Forked Deer  (Audio)
Golden Slippers  (Audio)
Growling Old Man Grumbling Old Woman  (Audio)
Hooker's Hornpipe  (Audio)
Indian Killed a Woodcock  (Audio)
Johnny Don't Get Drunk  (Audio)
Johnny the Blacksmith  (Audio)
Katy Hill  (Audio)
Kitchen Girl  (Audio)
Ladies on the Steamboat  (Audio)
Little Black Mustache  (Audio)
Little Rabbit  (Audio)
Make a Little Boat  (Audio)
Methodist Preacher  (Audio)
New Five Cents  (Audio)
Over the Waterfall  (Audio)
Paddy on the Turnpike  (Audio)
Pretty Little Dog  (Audio)
Pretty Little Indian  (Audio)
Rachael  (Audio)
Ragtime Annie  (Audio)
Run Johnny Run  (Audio)
Sailor's Hornpipe  (Audio)
Saint Ann’s Reel  (Audio)
Sandy River Belle  (Audio)
Snowflake Breakdown  (Audio)
Soldier's Joy  (Audio)
Spotted Pony  (Audio)
Staten Island Hornpipe  (Audio)
Sugar in the Gourd  (Audio)
Tennessee Waggoner  (Audio)
Turkey in the Straw  (Audio)
Two O’Clock in the Morning  (Audio)
Whiskey Before Breakfast  (Audio)
Whistling Rufus  (Audio)
Woodchopper’s Reel  (Audio)

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