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Irish Mandolin Jigs Reels & Hornpipes Individual Songs

Individual Songs From Our Courses: (Each Song Includes Audio & PDF Tab Booklet)

Blue Bonnets Over the Border  (Audio)
Brumley Brae  (Audio)
Calledonia Laddie  (Audio)
Coleraine  (Audio)
Connaughtman’s Rambles  (Audio)
Cooley’s Reel  (Audio)
Danny Meehans  (Audio)
Doctor Gilberts  (Audio)
Drowsy Maggie  (Audio)
Garry Owen  (Audio)
Gilderoy  (Audio)
Gremlin  (Audio)
Haste to the Wedding  (Audio)
Irish Washerwoman  (Audio)
King of the Faeries  (Audio)
Loch Leven Castle  (Audio)
Martin Wynees  (Audio)
Mason’s Apron  (Audio)
Old French  (Audio)
Pacific Slope  (Audio)
Rakes of Kildare  (Audio)
Rakes of Mallow  (Audio)
Reconciliation  (Audio)
Saddle the Pony  (Audio)
Scatter the Mud  (Audio)
Speed the Plough  (Audio)
Star of Munster  (Audio)
Swallowtail Jig  (Audio)
Swinging on a Gate  (Audio)
The Banshee  (Audio)
The Blue Angel  (Audio)
The Boys of Bluehill  (Audio)
The Hunters Purse  (Audio)
The Kings Jig  (Audio)
The Maid Behind the Bar  (Audio)
The Rights of Man  (Audio)
The Silver Spire  (Audio)
The Wise Maid  (Audio)
Tuttles Reel  (Audio)
Twin Reel  (Audio)

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