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Learn to Sing Gospel Harmony

Learn to Sing Gospel Harmony

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Learn to Sing Gospel Harmony

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Songs Include:

Going Up
Farther Along
It's Me Again Lord
What a Friend We Have in Jesus
Prayer Bells from Heaven
Preachin' Prayin' Singin'
Happy on My Way
He Will Set Your Fields on Fire
Let the Sun Shine Down
Hallelujah I'm Ready
Bucken Mule
Gathering Flowers for the Master's Bouquet
Heaven's Light Shining on Me
Are You Washed in the Blood of the Lamb
Over in the Gloryland
The Wicked Path of Sin
Life's Railway to Heaven
Brush Arbor Meeting
Put Your Hand in the Hand
Just a Little Talk with Jesus



Now You Can Learn How To Sing Two, Three & Four Part Harmony even if you never thought you could! For each song you will hear

• Chorus of the song All together

• Instructor singing the Melody

• Instructor singing Tenor

• Instructor singing Baritone

• Instructor singing Bass

These courses teach you step-by step how to sing in harmony. You'll also learn an easy way to figure out harmony singing parts from you guitar. *Works for all vocal ranges high & low. Great for practicing in the car! You don't need your hands. You're all alone & no one can hear you sing. There's nothing else to do on a long boring drive—so why not develop a skill that you can be proud of? It's easy! 



Bluegrass Now Magazine september 2001 Book reviews by Stephanie Ledgin HOW TO SING GOSPEL HARMONY Musician's Workshop #6949(2 CDs) #1309(2 cassettes) (playing time 1+hours. Musician's Workshop has been a source of diversified instructional materials since 1973. Founder Dan Huckabee, 1976 National Dobro Champion, is a multi-instrumentalist with a music degree from the University of North Texas. His relaxed, straightforward, textbook approach to instruction is the trademark of his educational lessons, within which he supplements insight into often previously undocumented improvised licks found on recordings. While not new, but recently made available on CD, HOW TO SING GOSPEL HARMONY begins with a brief but solid overview of the various vocal parts that make up harmony. As in the gospel guitar video, Dan speaks in a deliberating, uncomplicated manner, easy to follow and comprehend, aimed at beginner to intermediate levels. For the first hour, 20 gospel songs are each, in turn, examined via a formulaic system, first by playing the excerpted choruses from a recorded effort, for which Dan cites, in most cases, the artist, title, label and catalog number. Dan proceeds to sing each melody and harmony (tenor, baritone, bass) part separately in demonstration. In addition, he occasionally strayS from the recorded arrangement to add a voice part missing from the example or to change where a particular line was sung with relation to the melody vocal. The second hour provides instruction and insight into how to rely on guitar to determine harmony parts for "any" song. The bottom-line emphasis on these instructional releases is encouragement to not only be patient with oneself, but to practice and to not fear being creative in one's own renditions. (SPL)


Customer Compliments

5 out of 5!! This is very simple and to the point. The man tells you how to find 3 part harmony on your instrument, you are given a singing example of each part for a bunch of bluegrass standards, you are able to use the CD to practice with by harmonizing with each part, and you are able to put what he teaches you to any song. There is nothing missing here.~—Matt W. Fields-Chicago, IL

Merry Christmas. Just received Dan Huckabee's How to Sing Harmony Courses: Gospel and Bluegrass. This is great! I can't believe that such a wonderful resource even exists. Many thanks for making so much vocal information/help available. John Holder - Lake St Louis, Mo

Great job on the How to Sing Bluegrass Harmony tapes. I’ve really enjoyed them & they’ve made it a lot easier to learn new songs not on the tapes.~—L. Rhodes, Tampa, FL

Just a short note to say thanks for your prompt service on shipping the Bluegrass Harmony tapes, The lessons are simple & easy to follow, & the harmony parts fit together great.~—P. Parker, Flagler Beach, FL

We purchased all your Bluegrass & Gospel Harmony courses for our family band—Pleasant Valley—and I wanted to write you to thank you for the help. We just finished the finals of the Southwest Regional Pizza Hut Showdown. We didn’t win, but the crowd really liked us. I’ve enclosed a video of the performance so you can see how your tapes are being used in real band situations!!~—Rich Giacopuzzi - Camarillo, CA

I have received How to Sing Bluegrass Harmony & am very pleased with it.~ —P. Huening, Scotia, NY Your new products are very nice. I took a listen this morning to the Bluegrass Harmony set & am impressed. Good work!~ —Mike Bailey Music Co., Chattanooga, TN

I Think you did a really great job with the How To Sing Bluegrass Harmony cassettes. It’s a good selection of songs, and I find your instruction easy to follow and quite thorough. I especially like the way you take the time to explain how the harmony parts work and how to find them on the guitar.~—Peter Beck, Chicago, IL

Your tape on bluegrass harmony singing is now running through my tape player. The lesson plan, examples, & explanations are excellent.~—E. Watanabe-Chicago, IL

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