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Individual Songs

Just Like iTunes!

You can now download individual songs (Singles) out of our courses, without having to buy the whole course!  

- You get both the Tablature & Audio for just $2.99 (or Video) for just $3.99!
- You can see them in each course or in alphabetical lists by category.
- Singles are only available for download. 
- Click here for Free Samples. 

Instruments to chose from:

Mandolin (413)
Guitar (299)
Banjo (62)
Dobro (284)
Piano (11)
Drums (12)
Autoharp (10)
Tinwhistle (11)
Singing Harmony (145)

Musician's Workshop - Music Lesson, Guitar Lessons, How to Play Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Dobro, Fiddle, Singles and more!